66 Awesome Rye Whisky Cocktails Recipes and Mixed Drinks

66 Rye Whiskey Cocktails

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We love rye cocktails so much we wanted to share their history with you. 

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History of Mixed Drinks

How to make 66 Cocktails & Mixed Drinks Below

Rye Whiskey Cocktails for the past 7 years has undergone a huge revival in North America.

Walk into any stylish upscale Los Angeles, CA bar today and you’ll almost surely find a variety of Ryes and Whiskeys covering the shelves and a handful of rye whiskey cocktails on the menu at your local restaurant.

That whiskey is rye, historically speaking and Max Powell, a brand ambassador for the Iowa Legendary Rye, explained to us how just one cocktail helps shape the history of rye whiskey to make it happen.

Cocktails of Yesterday

In the  1870s, the rye whiskey cocktails scene began to take off in America. An important note that tending bar was considered a very distinguished profession in that era and most of the public spent their pastimes and learned about town news and events at their local pub. 

In Powell’s words. They had lectures in the bar; town-hall meetings where conducted in the bar. 

A bar in the 1700s and 1800s was a place where people from out of town would stay for the night.

Creating a central news hub of all knowledge in the area, and the barkeep was the guard of all information.

But later in the 20th century bartending began to lose its stature and prestige and shifted into something people did in-between jobs or to make money on the side for college, Powell said.

How Cocktails Defined History

One of your most noteworthy of rye whiskey cocktails “The Manhattan” outlined that revolution, and at the core of its recipe was a natural straight rye whiskey.

Rye whiskey had been “pretty much on its deathbed in the 2000s”. So the surge in popularity for rye whiskey cocktails in the past five to ten years has been tremendous for the liquor industry.

Now, its cool to order a Rye whiskey cocktails like the “Manhattan or a Marco Rye“. Instead of ordering a “Jack and Coke or a Screw Driver.” Bringing back some of our more decadent history, a touch of class, style, and of course, taste. 

Ryes History Before Cocktails

The Dutch, however, brought rye, which flourished. (Rum, transported by the English from the West Indies shipping company, a more attractive drink at first, but it was no longer an option after Americas Independence.)

It started with Lorine Sextro During the Great Depression

This story begins back in the mid-1920s when Lorine Sextro began distilling rye whiskey at her Iowa Farm. The rye crop is a cold-weather grain, Powell said, that flourished in the NorthEast and Midwest in the United States. 

To keep her land and her family fed. Lorine learned from a bootlegger she let stay at her house during the great depression or as some might remember it as the grapes of wrath. in a farming community in Templeton, IA, and Carroll County, IA.

During this time 13 families monthly in the 1930’s when prohibition was in full swing. Crafted bottled and sold more than 300 gallons of rye a day.

(Today, Iowa Legendary Rye Distillery has kept true with tradition with there historically accurate rye-based with Grandmother Lorine Sextro’s original recipe).


Here is a list of over 66 of the best straight rye whiskey cocktail recipes you will love and enjoy.

  1. Alabama Slammer
  2. Algonquin
  3. April In Paris 
  4. Belmont Breeze
  5. Boomerang II
  6. Brainstorm
  7. Break-Even
  8. Cablegram
  9. Champagne Manhattan
  10. Commodore
  11. Continental
  12. Continental Sour
  13. Deshler Cocktail
  14. Dessalines
  15. Elk’s Own Cocktail
  16. Evans
  17. Fancy-Free
  18. Fox River
  19. Golden Dream
  20. Goodwill
  21. Hallelujah
  22. Heavy Water
  23. High Hat
  24. Horsecar
  25. Hunter
  26. Ink Street
  27. Iron Man
  28. Junior
  29. Ladies Cocktail
  30. Lafayette
  31. Lawhill
  32. Leg Man’s Special
  33. Los Angeles
  34. Lotus Club Special
  35. Manhattan Dry
  36. Manhattan Perfect
  37. Marco Rye
  38. Millionaire
  39. Milwaukee
  40. Mississippi
  41. Monte Carlo
  42. New Orleans
  43. Old Nick
  44. Old Pal
  45. Opening
  46. Ordinary Highball
  47. Oriental
  48. Pan American
  49. Parity Cocktail
  50. Patridge
  51. Pendennis Toddy
  52. Polly Special
  53. Prince
  54. Red Shadow
  55. Rob Roy Sweet
  56. Russell House
  57. Rye And Dry
  58. Rye Cocktail
  59. Rye Crusta
  60. Rye Daisy
  61. Rye Flip
  62. Rye Lane
  63. Rye Punch
  64. Scofflaw
  65. Soul Kiss
  66. Summer Rye
  67. Swazi Freeze
  68. T.N.T.
  69. Temptation
  70. Ten-ton
  71. Tennessee
  72. Union Club
  73. Venus
  74. Volstead
  75. Ward Eight
  76. Weylin
  77. Whiskey Fix
  78. White Shadow
  79. Yashmak
Enjoy these straight rye whiskey cocktails and mixed drinks in the summertime. These whiskey cocktails are the absolute favorites of those in the Southern United States.
  1. Alabama Slammer
  2. Algonquin
  3. April In Paris
  4. Belmont Breeze
  5. Boomerang II
  6. Brainstorm
  7. Break-Even
  8. Cablegram
  9. Champagne Manhattan
  10. Commodore
  11. Continental
  12. Continental Sour
  13. Deshler Cocktail
  14. Dessalines
  15. Elk’s Own Cocktail
  16. Evans
  17. Fancy-Free
  18. Fox River
  19. Golden Dream
  20. Goodwill
  21. Hallelujah
  22. Heavy Water
  23. High Hat
  24. Horsecar
Enjoy these rye whiskey cocktails that are favorite for the wintertime. Heath Schneider our CEO says, I and my family absolutely love these straight rye whiskey cocktails. They are best served in the fall or the winter months.
  1. Ink Street
  2. Iron Man
  3. Junior
  4. Ladies Cocktail
  5. Lafayette
  6. Lawhill
  7. Leg Man’s Special
  8. Los Angeles
  9. Lotus Club Special
  10. Manhattan Dry
  11. Manhattan Perfect
  12. Marco Rye
  13. Millionaire
  14. Milwaukee
  15. Mississippi
  16. Monte Carlo
  17. New Orleans
  18. Old Nick
  19. Old Pal
  20. Opening
  21. Ordinary Highball
  22. Oriental
  23. Pan American
  24. Parity Cocktail
  25. Patridge
  26. Pendennis Toddy
  27. Polly Special
  28. Prince
  29. Red Shadow
Some of the best straight rye whiskey cocktails my holiday favorites.
  1. Rob Roy Sweet
  2. Russell House
  3. Rye And Dry
  4. Rye Cocktail
  5. Rye Crusta
  6. Rye Daisy
  7. Rye Flip
  8. Rye Lane
  9. Rye Punch
  10. Scofflaw
  11. Soul Kiss
  12. Summer Rye
  13. Swazi Freeze
  14. T.N.T.
  15. Temptation
  16. Ten-ton
  17. Tennessee
  18. Union Club
  19. Venus
  20. Volstead
  21. Ward Eight
  22. Weylin
  23. Whiskey Fix
  24. White Shadow
  25. Yashmak
Below you will see how to make the following rye whiskey cocktail recipes.
  1. Alabama Slammer cocktail recipe
  2. Algonquin cocktail recipe
  3. April In Paris cocktail recipe
  4. Belmont Breeze cocktail recipe
  5. Boomerang II cocktail recipe
  6. Brainstorm cocktail recipe
  7. Break-Even cocktail recipe
  8. Cablegram cocktail recipe
  9. Champagne Manhattan cocktail recipe
  10. Commodore cocktail recipe
  11. Continental cocktail recipe
  12. Continental Sour cocktail recipe
  13. Deshler Cocktail cocktail recipe
  14. Dessalines cocktail recipe
  15. Elk’s Own Cocktail cocktail recipe
  16. Evans cocktail recipe
  17. Fancy-Free cocktail recipe
  18. Fox River cocktail recipe
  19. Golden Dream cocktail recipe
  20. Goodwill cocktail recipe
  21. Hallelujah cocktail recipe
  22. Heavy Water cocktail recipe
  23. High Hat cocktail recipe
  24. Horsecar cocktail recipe
  25. Hunter cocktail recipe
  26. Ink Street cocktail recipe
  27. Iron Man cocktail recipe
  28. Junior cocktail recipe
  29. Ladies Cocktail cocktail recipe
  30. Lafayette cocktail recipe
  31. Lawhill cocktail recipe
  32. Leg Man’s Special cocktail recipe
  33. Los Angeles cocktail recipe
  34. Lotus Club Special cocktail recipe
  35. Manhattan Dry cocktail recipe
  36. Manhattan Perfect cocktail recipe
  37. Marco Rye cocktail recipe
  38. Millionaire cocktail recipe
  39. Milwaukee cocktail recipe
  40. Mississippi cocktail recipe
  41. Monte Carlo cocktail recipe
  42. New Orleans cocktail recipe
  43. Old Nick cocktail recipe
  44. Old Pal cocktail recipe
  45. Opening cocktail recipe
  46. Ordinary Highball cocktail recipe
  47. Oriental cocktail recipe
  48. Pan American cocktail recipe
  49. Parity Cocktail cocktail recipe
  50. Patridge cocktail recipe
  51. Pendennis Toddy cocktail recipe
  52. Polly Special cocktail recipe
  53. Prince cocktail recipe
  54. Red Shadow cocktail recipe
  55. Rob Roy Sweet cocktail recipe
  56. Russell House cocktail recipe
  57. Rye And Dry cocktail recipe
  58. Rye Cocktail cocktail recipe
  59. Rye Crusta cocktail recipe
  60. Rye Daisy cocktail recipe
  61. Rye Flip cocktail recipe
  62. Rye Lane cocktail recipe
  63. Rye Punch cocktail recipe
  64. Scofflaw cocktail recipe
  65. Soul Kiss cocktail recipe
  66. Summer Rye cocktail recipe
  67. Swazi Freeze cocktail recipe
  68. T.N.T. cocktail recipe
  69. Temptation cocktail recipe
  70. Ten-ton cocktail recipe
  71. Tennessee cocktail recipe
  72. Union Club cocktail recipe
  73. Venus cocktail recipe
  74. Volstead cocktail recipe
  75. Ward Eight cocktail recipe
  76. Ward Eight cocktail recipe
  77. Weylin cocktail recipe
  78. Whiskey Fix cocktail recipe
  79. White Shadow cocktail recipe
  80. Yashmak cocktail recipe

Now find the recipes that you enjoy most and begin learning how to make the following below just click load more.

  1. how to make an Alabama Slammer
  2. cocktail
    how to make an Algonquin cocktail
  3. how to make an April In Paris cocktail
  4. how to make a Belmont Breeze cocktail
  5. how to make a Boomerang II cocktail
  6. how to make a Brainstorm cocktail
  7. how to make a Break-Even cocktail
  8. how to make a Cablegram cocktail
  9. how to make a Champagne Manhattan cocktail
  10. how to make a Commodore cocktail
  11. how to make a Continental cocktail
  12. how to make a Continental Sour cocktail
  13. how to make a Deshler Cocktail cocktail
  14. how to make a Dessalines cocktail
  15. how to make an Elk’s Own Cocktail cocktail
  16. how to make an Evans cocktail
  17. how to make a Fancy-Free cocktail
  18. how to make a Fox River cocktail
  19. how to make a Golden Dream cocktail
  20. how to make a Goodwill cocktail
  21. how to make a Hallelujah cocktail
  22. how to make a Heavy Water cocktail
  23. how to make a High Hat cocktail
  24. how to make a Horsecar cocktail
  25. how to make a Hunter cocktail
  26. how to make an Ink Street cocktail
  27. how to make an Iron Man cocktail
  28. how to make a Junior cocktail
  29. how to make a Ladies Cocktail cocktail
  30. how to make a Lafayette cocktail
  31. how to make a Lawhill cocktail
  32. how to make a Leg Man’s Special cocktail
  33. how to make a Los Angeles cocktail
  34. how to make a Lotus Club Special cocktail
  35. how to make a Manhattan Dry cocktail
  36. how to make a Manhattan Perfect cocktail
  37. how to make a Marco Rye cocktail
  38. how to make a Millionaire cocktail
  39. how to make a Milwaukee cocktail
  40. how to make a Mississippi cocktail
  41. how to make a Monte Carlo cocktail
  42. how to make a New Orleans cocktail
  43. how to make an Old Nick cocktail
  44. how to make an Old Pal cocktail
  45. how to make an Opening cocktail
  46. how to make an Ordinary Highball cocktail
  47. how to make an Oriental cocktail
  48. how to make a Pan American cocktail
  49. how to make a Parity Cocktail cocktail
  50. how to make a Patridge cocktail
  51. how to make a Pendennis Toddy cocktail
  52. how to make a Polly Special cocktail
  53. how to make a Prince cocktail
  54. how to make a Red Shadow cocktail
  55. how to make a Rob Roy Sweet cocktail
  56. how to make a Russell House cocktail
  57. how to make a Rye And Dry cocktail
  58. how to make a Rye Cocktail cocktail
  59. how to make a Rye Crusta cocktail
  60. how to make a Rye Daisy cocktail
  61. how to make a Rye Flip cocktail
  62. how to make a Rye Lane cocktail
  63. how to make a Rye Punch cocktail
  64. how to make a Scofflaw cocktail
  65. how to make a Soul Kiss cocktail
  66. how to make a Summer Rye cocktail
  67. how to make a Swazi Freeze cocktail
  68. how to make a T.N.T. cocktail
  69. how to make a Temptation cocktail
  70. how to make a Ten-ton cocktail
  71. how to make a Tennessee cocktail
  72. how to make a Union Club cocktail
  73. how to make a Venus cocktail
  74. how to make a Volstead cocktail
  75. how to make a Ward Eight cocktail
  76. how to make a Weylin cocktail
  77. how to make a Whiskey Fix cocktail
  78. how to make a White Shadow cocktail
  79. how to make a Yashmak cocktail
But what about the rye whiskey cocktails. Central to all the original 66 rye whiskey cocktail recipes — the Manhattan, the Marco rye, and later, the Old Pal – was made with rye whiskey spirits.
Iowa Legendary Rye’s master distiller Rich “Whiskey Rich” Eggers saw the potential, and he and his family brought back the original all-natural taste of rye.
Now sit back and relax and enjoy one of these holiday classics. Most of today’s rye whiskey’s are mass manufactured in 15,000-gallon barrel drums. But with our rye, we have stayed true to its history and taste.
Although its harder to make the sweet taste and feeling or “the feel-good drink” sensation is undeniable.
Mix it today with your favorite historical cocktail and see what all the gossip was about and why it became a staple in American History today. 

People want to Drink remarkable Mixed Drinks 

And because rye is such a sweet, strong, and flavorful grain, suited for enhancing cocktails or being sipped straight by itself, Eggers and Powell think it will continue to grow in popularity for years to come.

“As long as people are exploring more and more, rye and rye whiskey is only going to become more influential,” History has shown itself to repeat with good things.

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