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90 Year Recipe

Using a 1931 Prohibition-era recipe handed down from generation to generation. Iowa Legendary Rye Distillery, a Templeton Iowa Distillery, makes a truly legendary rye spirit.

Hand Crafted

Traditional small-batch rye. Distilled in Pre-Prohibition-era replica 26-gallon pot stills and aged in our 15-gallon casks. Our "All-Natural Rye" is handcrafted and hand-bottled.

Locally Grown

Locally grown all-natural ingredients from Carroll and Crawford counties. Even our patented stills were made down the road.

We Remain “#1 BEST RYE WHISKEY IOWA DISTILLERY” in Templeton Iowa, Carroll County.

Our Templeton rye distillery makes only the good stuff. With our Iowa Legendary family prohibition recipe creating the best tasting rye whiskey. Award-winning rye whiskey and rye vodka distillery in the Mid West of North America.

While staying true to family and our all-natural distillation process. We only process our rye whiskey and the best vodka brand with only small pot stills. To retain the flavor of our rye distillation process in every bottle.

We keep our distillation process here in Iowa a 100 percent natural prohibition of rye whiskey. With no artificial flavors or additives. Experience the best rye whisky your lips have ever had.

There is no better United States rye distillery in the U.S.A…. to date that can compete without a North American pre-prohibition rea recipe at our Iowa rye whiskey distillery. Its taste and slow production output keep our rye whiskey Iowa whisky distillery output at a slow boil.

The Greatest Templeton alcohol manufacturer that produces the “Best Rye Whiskey and Vodka” Hands Down.

But, you can bet your buddy. That it’s better than the rest of them out there. We distill only the best because our recipe has not been altered over 90 years to corporate style rye making in column stills. Rye whiskey is a delicate mash to prepare and we just feel we need to do it right.

This last year our rye vodka distillery has handcrafted the best tasting vodka your mouth pallet has ever tried. Come on over to our Templeton rye distillery today and experience the good stuff.

Swing on down join us today and try our double-distilled rye and the best vodka from our experienced master distiller “Whiskey Rich” and wrap those lips on one of our bottles of vodka from our rye vodka distillery in Iowa today.

Taste the difference with the best vodka brand in Templeton, Iowa today.

There is only one Templeton Prohibition Rye and that’s Iowa Legendary Rye, we don’t fabricate our story or mass produce or rye whisky and rye vodka liquored spirits we only do it as our grandmother taught us.

Come on down taste the difference. With our natural distillation processing of our rye whiskey taste a true prohibition rye today.


Whatever your taste, let it be a cosmo, vodka martini, buy vodka online at our famous liquor store locations throughout Iowa, Texas, Illinois, Nevada, and more locations soon to be stocked with our famous luxury vodka and the best-tasting rye whiskey. That remains all-natural and a crowd favorite to the best of premium vodka drinkers. Our unique vodka was formed from the best cereal rye, we did not just want to create a plain vodka, but sought to make the smoothest vodka in the USA.

By creating our spirits in the small-batch vodka creation process with pot stills. Not giant column copper stills. To give you the end-user the best overall experience by our head distiller “Whiskey Rich”. Who believes with five generations of smooth finish vodka bootleggers from Templeton, Iowa.

You will not find any organic corn or wheat vodka at our location, but only the very best sparkling water taste, with white pepper, black pepper spicy taste that only rye can give. The vodka flavors go wonderful when cooking with your favorite vodka sauce. Or sitting on the porch with a bottle of our excellent vodka, that carries a classic vodka taste, making your top-shelf vodka choice for sipping that evening the best you can.

We carry a national online sales center for any vodka lover in the united states. Our rye vodka is not some simple vodka it comes distilled from our famous botanical vodka rye grown locally in Carroll and Crawford county. 

But those people have probably never been here. Or met anyone from here. And they certainly haven’t tasted any of our spirits. Because the moment that happens, the dot becomes a destination. And we couldn’t be prouder to call it home.

Our spirits have a way of making you feel like you’re exactly where you want to be. And that’s no accident. We are locals. We’re from here and we’ve chosen to stay here. Not because we have to, but because this place is who we are. We’ve done our homework. If you are looking for a flavored vodka you should keep it to Absolut or Smirnoff. They carry one flavored line that is great. But if you are a Premium vodka lover and your standard vodka just won’t do your mouth justice.

You have come to the correct place to buy vodka online at a great and exceptional cost. Our highly reviewed vodka has been the best-reviewed vodka through numerous national expert reviews and tasting contests in the United States.

We’ve put in the time. We were one of the first in the state to get a micro-distilling license. That means our aged spirits are actually aged. We’ve also researched our craft tirelessly to make sure every bottle we produce is our best product, every time.

But the real knowledge behind our operation comes from the fact that we are true Iowans. We know the farmers who grow the corn. The hands that distill and then distill again. And oftentimes, the people behind the bar serving every last drop.

So you can put our Straight Rye Whiskey our Rye Vodka, Red Label Reserve Aged, Blue Label Straight Rye Vodka, and our Moonshine on your top shelf if that’s your style. But regardless of where you keep our bottles or rye, we will welcome you to our family.

For Generations, consumers have enjoyed tasting the decadence that is rye whiskey for family generations in rural Iowa. Iowa Distilleries are far and few between due to the States History of bootlegging back in the 1930s.

Rich Eggers our master distiller here at our Templeton Rye whiskey Iowa distillery, states that no matter what whiskey is stacked up against our local Templeton rye distillery, we will beat them in every review and contest because we are that damn good.

Iowa Legendary Rye (ILR), has won so far; this last year. Over 17 awards nationally.

From the prestigious cigars and spirits awards making our rye a whopping 93 point selection. The Los Angeles Spirits competition with a gold award in three categories. And our very own US world spirits competition awarded gold to this local Iowa Alcohol Distillery.

Iowa legendary rye is not just a name to us. It remains a cornerstone, of our family and tradition. Throughout the 1930s from today. We don’t have an old story like those from Newfoundland, New Zealand, Iceland, Dutch, Siberia, Sweden, Moscow, Poland, England, or even the distillery at Chopin for your premium vodka cocktail mixed drink history. 

Buy a smooth vodka, that ranks with any Polish vodka, Russian vodka, Chopin Vodka, Cîroc, or any vodka brand hands down folks, We as Americans are the best in what we start out with. We have taken our premium vodka to new heights. Our Distilled vodka comes fresh from the distillation 

When it comes to distilleries, Iowa is an old chap ranging over 100 years to date a Century of family bootlegging and vodka distilling as far back as the prohibition age with our Grandmother Lorine Sextro. She was one of the only female distillers in the state at that time making her timeless rye whiskey and vodka. We only use rye in our batches, you will not find winter wheat, potatoes, or cucumbers in our plain vodka. Just good old-fashioned additive-free vodka, for you to mix with pleasure knowing your favorite cocktail you choose for that evening is going to taste superb.

Our rye cereal grain vodka comes from a subtle sweetness water source almost artesian water to the taste. By using hyper filter technology. This sparking pure water is then added to our rye mash for the fermentation process. Furthermore, by popular choice is placed into our 26-gallon pot stills, creating this neutral spirit production process in our distilled airtight container for heating and making the only best

Still, do date everyone asks, “How do we make our rye whiskey so smooth and flavorful. Well, the answer is quite easy we use the originally intended recipe that is all-natural to our crop locally grown and local-only hyper filtered water to produce this one-of-a-kind spirit.

But for the most part, these people have probably visited here. Or met anyone from here. And they certainly haven’t tasted any of our spirits, says Heath Schneider CEO of Iowa Legendary Rye. Because the moment that connection happens, and that rye whiskey or vodka goes and touches those lips.


Implementing those taste buds to go into overdrive that wonderful feeling of sunshine hits your body and you experience joy from today tonight and the day after. And simply put we could not be prouder to call Templeton Iowa our home.

Our locally grown rye spirits have a way of making you feel wonderful like you should be feeling with our all-natural flavors. And that’s no accident. We are the locals from Templeton, Iowa. We’re from here our parents are here our grandparents are here and we’ve chosen to stay here and grow this family tradition. Not only because we should, but because this place ou home and it’s who we are.

We’ve put in the time, blood, sweat, tears, and love. We were one of the first in the state to get a Spirits Distilling License. That means our aged spirits are actually aged well and some aged over a century if we are able to find our lost treasure from our grandfather. By researched our craft tirelessly and keeping to our original grandmother’s recipe. While making sure every bottle we produce is our number 1 best product, every taste, and every time. Remains this distilleries secret.

But in all honesty, our story behind our operation comes from the fact that we are true-blooded Iowans from stalk to finish. We know the farmers, who are our family, who grows the rye, that gets distilled in our rye. These hands distill and then distill again. And oftentimes, it’s our friends or family behind the bar making friends and serving every last drop that warms the hearts and minds of our friends and neighbors.


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