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Rye whiskey History of Iowa Legendary Rye Distillery with Rye Whisky in a glass

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Edjucate indaviduals on the differance between a straight whiskey and a straight rye or a mixed breed. Discover what entices your pallete.

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Mixolgy 101 learn how to make the best rye and whiskey cocktails with our 81 rye whiskey cocktails selection.

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Iowa Legendary Rye famous legendary rye recipe. Hailed from Templeton, Iowa as the little town that had too much booze during prohibition invites you:

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Family is Family, friends are a friends, but society functions bring us all together to enjoy the new and fabulous company. So raise your cocktail and offer a salute to us all for stiving through this last year and bringing back one another like never before; one pour at a time.

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Barrel Selection Process "What I love about these tours is that the distillers are not afraid to edjucate us and show us the process. This pleace does, and "I will definitely come back also".
Whiskey Society Wholesale Liquor Distribution
Alene Elvine
HR Manager
“The rye was everything I hoped for, and more. ILR really makes a difference, I would have never discovered thedifferance and quality in a prohibition era vrye.
Whiskey Society Wholesale Liquor Distribution
Jonas Gerber