Double Distilled - Prohibition Era Recipe

BRAND: Iowa Legendary Rye
COUNTRY: United States
SPIRITS TYPE: American Prohibition Rye
SPIRITS STYLE: Unaged Rye / White Dog / Moonshine 
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White whiskey or moonshine, but This White label Rye may be the new show stopper

Although it’s easier than ever to find unaged whiskey, it’s still not as prevalent as traditional bourbons and popular Irish whiskies.

White whisky, or white dog as it’s affectionately called, is unaged whiskey, or as some don’t remember unaged rye.

This last decade, spirits lovers and white whiskey geeks were very busy falling into and out of love with white whiskey aka “white dog,” or simply “new” or “unaged rye whiskey.” And in a craft spirits kind of market, that initial infatuation was hard to resist: white whiskey was something new but it also had historical street cred, borrowed (not entirely correctly) from moonshine. During prohibition white whiskey was produced then transported to storage houses from still houses to age the rye whiskey in a white oak barrel to grant it its golden amber coloring.

Today white whiskey or white dog, moonshine, or unaged whiskey can be found at your local liquor store or online distillery for sale in ample volumes.

Not all White Whiskies are the same.

Now White Whiskey, with its connection to moonshine, some distilleries believe that a glass with ice and whiskey makes the drink its ingredients and aging process that infuses the taste and flavor and or added properties to give you an excellent tasting whiskey or a bottle of bottom-shelf filler. But for your single malt white whiskey lovers, a rocks glass takes the award.

White Dog the new stallion on Whiskey’s

At Iowa, Legendary Rye brown whiskey is not enough we took you back into time and produced the highest grade unaged rye white whiskey money can buy. Our prohibition-style American whiskey has won over the hearts of aged whiskey lovers and craft whiskey distilleries in every event we have brought our stock to.

Look out Vodka Unaged Rye has entered the building as the American spirit of champions

No more illegal moonshine here, American Moonshine by far is one of the best-tasting beverages out there grab yourself a bottle of Iowa Legendary Rye a legal moonshine, and enjoy your weekend with us today.


Double Distilled

The Best White Label Rye – This is the ‘PUREST, CLEANEST” white label rye spirit that you will get your hands on. Taking the time to do it right is the focus of our Master Distiller, Whiskey Rich. He doesn’t skimp one bit on quality. If it doesn’t meet his standards, from the grain to the distillation, it doesn’t get bottled.

ILR White Whiskey Moonshine in Templeton, IA

Slight Spice








White Label Moonshine

White Label Moonshine

Back in the 1920s, everything was kept under wraps so no one got arrested. Today, if you grabbed a bottle of this unaged moonshine, you won't get arrested, but you might if you show up to a party without it.


2019 USA Spirits — Gold 
2018 Denver International Spirits Competition — Gold
2018 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition — Gold & Best of Category
2017 Seattle International Spirits Awards — Silver
2017 Cigar & Spirits Magazine Rating — 93

iowa legendary White Label Rye

Iowa Legendary Rye’s White Rye tastes amazingly smooth and slightly sweet with a slight spice tone for your pallet. 

Size: 750 ML

Proof: 80 (40% ABV)

Origin: United States

Distillery: Iowa Legendary Rye

Iowa Legendary Rye is a new life to the world of rye with top-shelf quality ryes that are high in demand but hard to find. This collection offers an option for everyone, from white-label to black-label. Skip the middleman, go straight to the source and save money while you're at it.

ILR White Whiskey
Iowa Legendary White Moon shine

Un-aged Rye Tasting Notes

Appearance: Crystal clear

Aroma: A mixture of spice, grain, and hints of floral sweetness.

Taste: Slight spice surrounded by flavors of caramel, coconut, and vanilla.

Finish: long, mild heat

Get the best white label rye with our Iowa Legendary Rye White Label. This is a high-end, small-batch rye that never compromises on quality. Our distiller, Whiskey Rich, has been in charge for decades and refuses to let anything be bottled if it doesn't meet his standards from start to finish.


In the Prohibition era of the 1920s, Iowa Legendary Rye was originally distilled by a local grandmother and (Templeton, Iowa) bootlegger, Lorine Sextro. This is her recipe with a legendary 100% all-natural rye spirit, using rye grain grown locally in Carroll County Iowa. Distilled on-site this small-batch pot still rye spirit with our custom-built, 26-gallon pot stills that give our rye it’s authentic taste.

This white rye is amazingly smooth and slightly sweet. This light rye spirit is bottled straight off the still and would be sure to please vodka lovers. It is nothing like you have ever tasted.

This White unaged Rye Spirit is excellent for mixing with all kinds of cocktail recipes. From Martinis to Margaritas and even Bloody Mary’s, this White Rye Spirit enhances the flavor of any drink. Use it in place of Gin or Tequila and taste the magic happen! It’s been said that people just “feel good” drinking our Rye and this White Label Rye Spirit is NO exception!

#BE Legendary

Iowa Legendary Rye Distillery

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William Torres
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Loved it, Sat around with my family for the holiday. And, I think you just found a permanent customer.
Oma Kaleikini
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An all-natural pure spirit that tasted great. Thanks.
Russel Eugene
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An absolute treat. This unaged rye was just too good. Tried it, instead of my gin and wow it tasted damn good.