Do you want a Butt of Rye Whiskey?
An imperial butt of whiskey

Do you want a . of Rye Whiskey

The imperial system is a clever thing. Like, truly interesting. There is really a unit of measurement for whiskey (or spirits) barrels described as a “butt.” That implies in the event that you top the barrel off, you in fact have a buttload of whiskey—however, you’d likely simply consider it a “butt-load”. It is safe to say that you are giggling a bit? But in truth. “A buttload”, is a regional English measure of the capacity of a heavy cart (a butt), containing 6 seams, or 48 bushels, equivalent to 384 gallons.

OK, truly, however. Not many individuals despite everything talk as far as tuns and butts any longer. The antiquated names are acceptable just wineries and distilleries today, but despite everything unusual, if simply because the traditional history allows a journey back in the past when monstrous casks of alcohol united countries. The words are gotten from Old English as well as Dutch, Italian, and French. “Butt” really originates from “botte,” an Ancient Italian and French term for ‘boot’. In Italy, in any event, botte is as yet used to allude to a wine barrel.

Representation for an item named “Butt” is a genuine unit of Measurement.

Now, you’re probably thinking precisely how much liquid it takes to obtain a buttload. The exact amounts have changed slightly over time, but let’s go with the figures. Per ancient times, a butt measures in at 126 “Imperial Gallons”. 

Remember that these words are utilized in an estimation measurement that was essentially developed by ancient man in Europe and England. The Imperial composition measures the mass an individual in stones and the size of horses in hands. Furthermore, good karma attempting to recall how to change over things, in light of the fact that there is positively no purpose to the recipes. The words are fun, however!

Did you know that a “butt” is actually a unit of measurement for whiskey? Back in the medieval times, the term “butt” was used to describe the amount of wine or whiskey equivalent to two hogsheads, which is another medieval measurement for a large cask of liquid.

The word “butt” comes from “botte,” a French and Italian word meaning boot. Although “butt” has evolved in English to mean something else completely different, the term “botte” is still said in Italy to describe wine casks!

Now, you may be wondering exactly how much a buttload of rye whiskey even equals. Well, it might be more than you expect. Turns out, a buttload of rye whiskey translates into 126 gallons! Can you imagine having a barrel of that much rye whiskey at your house?!

At Iowa Legendary Rye, we may have buttloads of rye spirits, but when it comes to making our spirits, we take a much smaller approach. Instead of distilling our rye spirits by the buttload, we believe in focusing on small batches. Using our 100% all-natural rye, we feed our what’s known as our “mash build” into 23-gallon pot stills instead of industrial cookers that can fit hundreds of gallons. 

By limiting our quantities, we have much more control over creating delicate, nuanced flavors. In these small batches, we have the power to highlight specific flavors in our rye spirits that would simply disappear if we made them by the buttload.

For example, in our Aged Black Label, you can access notes of caramel, vanilla, and honey. In our Unaged White Label, you can access similar notes of caramel and vanilla but with some coconut in there too. In our Blue Label Rye Vodka, you can access a slight spice and mild grain. All these flavors are thanks to our historically accurate way of creating our legendary rye spirits. 

We take pride in our small batch process with 23-gallon pot stills so that YOU can enjoy Iowa Legendary Rye by the buttload! Don’t forget to stop by your local liquor store today and stock up on our legendary rye spirits for your home cocktails.

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