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Monica Caserta

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Game Type: Card – W


  • 4 people or more 
  • A decent sized mug 
  • A lot of beer 
  • Deck of Card



To play this game put the mug first in the middle of the table and fill it to the top with beer. The game starts off with everyone getting one card. Once all player has a card, they all flip it over. Whoever has the highest card has to have a gulp of their beer. If two people get a same card or their cards are equal to one number (e.g., two people have 10 and Queen or Jack or King). If the cards are equal to each other then, there is a “Poker Playoff”. This involves all of the whole people who have got the same cards. Play a game of poker and whoever loses that game of poker needs to skull the mug in the middle of the table, if the person won’t able to finish the mug in one go, then they need to refill the mug and try again until they skull the entire mug.

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