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The real circle of death
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The Real Circle of Death:

Card – T Category: Game Type: Card

  1. 2 people minimum
  2. One Card Deck
  3. Your favorite Alcoholic beverage

Detailed Instructions:

Two decks of cards can be used if you can handle them and so many people that fit on the table are good. Shoot cards really well, then use the cards to make a circle in the middle of the table. Someone begins, who doesn’t matter, everybody gets a chance. The first person draws a card and acts as the card requires. The player on the left will take his chance, etc.

Significance of Rules and Cards:

Rule 1: never Circle Beak. Rule # 1. It’s a party foul, moreover, the only rule to it.

The meaning of each card is different, so listen up.

Everybody else at the table drinks in your face (a good mouthful or shot constitutes a drink)

2- That’s to choose somebody to drink

3- You drink

4- Floor – The last person to smack must drink the table

5- right- to the right person to drink

6- Everybody drinks socially

The last person to raise his hand must drink 7- heaven

8- Hate- select somebody to drink you hate

9 – Bust a rhyme – beginning with someone drawing the card, say any sentence, and then rhyming the last word you said on your right.

10- if- someone draws the card selects someone to drink, the picky until the card drawer says WHEN. It’s an excellent time to forget!!!

Jack- Waterfall – When you start everybody else, and the person who draws the card does not stop until the person stops right away.

Queen Question- Look at anyone and ask a question, they look at another person or you again and ask a question. It continues until someone is kissing or can’t think about anything. Someone’s already told you; you cannot repeat a question.

The king-suicide king- Whoever draws this must take a snack, but whoever draws the last king, whether he is the sole king on the deck or the 14th king of 14, must finish everything on the table. (What you have on the table if your friend)

Don’t worry, once you’ve got the hang of it, this is an easy game. Don’t worry, you’ll get plastered and everybody else. The point, don’t forget it either, is making it fun.

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