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Game Type: Card – #


  • 4 individuals or more.
  • Beer is a popular beverage.
  • A set of cards.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Remove all four of the eights from the deck and set them out as follows: 8 8 8 8.
  2. Deal the remaining cards out in a clockwise direction from the dealer, with the counterclockwise player being the first to play.
  3. Link the cards to the cards attached to the 8’s by suit to play the game…
  4. Each card connected to the 8 (must be a complete chain greater and less than 8) provides drinks to the person who laid the card…each card not connected to the chain on both sides of the 8’s allows the person who laid the card to drink the sum from one end of the chain and the other end.

Consider the following scenario:

Clubs 7 and 8 7 8 9 10 J hearts 5 8 9 diamonds 8 spades in a row, you’ll have 5 drinks to hand out whenever you want. You would have to drink 5 drinks if you laid the 5 of diamonds because you broke the diamond chain, which should have had 5 cards from beginning to end. It’s simple…but it’ll make you look dumb.

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