Private Reserved Rye - Prohibition Era Recipe - 100% all Natural

BRAND: Iowa Legendary Rye
COUNTRY: United States
SPIRITS TYPE: American Prohibition Rye
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Private Reserve Rye - Double Barreled

Private Reserve Rye Whiskey – Fans of the reserve, red label, aged-rye will be sure to love our Private Reserve Rye.

Like our White Rye and Aged Rye, it’s made in a historically accurate 26-gallon custom still. It’s then aged in a previously used barrel for eight months and then transferred to a second used barrel for 12 months. The result is an extra level of smoothness usually found in a much more mature spirit.

Red Label Reserved Spirit




Sweet Aroma

Fruit Notes

Bottle of Private Reserve Rye

The Best Red Label

Our Double Barreled Rye Private Reserve is distilled in Carroll, Iowa, using the same custom made barrels that are used for our legendary black label aged rye.

Due to this process, it has many of the same notes and undertones as the Aged Rye. This Rye is sure to please rye lovers. Iowa Legendary Rye is handmade, hand-bottled, and hand-labeled in Carroll County, Iowa Iowa Legendary Rye only uses ingredients from Carroll and Crawford counties.

2019 Proof Awards — Gold
2018 TheFiftyBest.com — Silver

Our legendary Private Reserve

Iowa Legendary Rye’s Red Label - Private Reserve double barrel rye is amazingly smooth and slightly sweet. 

Size: 750ML

Proof: 80 (40% ABV)

Origin: United States

Distillery: Iowa Legendary Rye

Red Label bottle of rye whiskey- Iowa Legendary Rye
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Private Reserve Rye Tasting Notes

Appearance: Rich Carmel

Aroma: Sweet aroma with fruit notes

Taste: Fruit-heavy theme with hints of vanilla and caramel

Finish: Lingering earthy tones with notes of root vegetables.


Private Reserve Whisky – Red Label Rye

Double barrel whiskey (or double cask whiskey) is a premium “top-shelf” class of rye whiskey in which each bottle comes from individual aged barrels,  instead of coming from blending together the contents of various ingredients to provide uniformity of color and taste.

Even reserved rye whiskeys that are not blended, maybe combined from more than one batch, or even from aging more years to achieve the consistency of smooth or smoky flavor and taste. 

Straight Whiskey – All Natural

The whiskey from each double-barrel small-batch rye whiskey is bottled separately, with each bottle bearing the small-batch barrel number and in most cases the dates for the beginning and end of the aging process.

Each barrel is believed to contribute unique characteristics to the finished of this highly reserved aged whiskey.

Double Barrel Rye Whiskey

There has been some recent controversy over private reserve casks whether single cask whiskeys are indeed all from single casks.

Whiskeys sold by Iowa distilleries such as Iowa Legendary Rye and Red Label Reserved Rye as “double casks” have been revealed to the vatting of multiple barrels, which may have been of different kinds of American white oak barrels for the whiskey flavoring.

With the “double cask” designation referring only to the final cask for their “reserved rye whiskey” maturation. In the absence of specific regulation regarding this language, it is not clear to what extent this practice is prevalent in the industry as a whole.

Double Cask Whisky

Double barrels may further be at cask strength or non-chill-filtered to further avoid adulterating the taste of its cask.

At Iowa Legendary Rye Red Label Reserved Whiskey is south after bottling in Templeton, IA. Currently the best tasting Templeton, IA Rye Whiskey. That is reserved, aged, and double cask. In our Templeton Iowa Distillery at our new location.

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They carry the finest selection of private reserve whiskey and private reserved rye to date with both bottle and top-shelf whiskey rye brands where you can locate and buy online the best bottle of red label rye whiskey on the market.

Their finely aged whiskey is sought after in the rye market as being one of the best rye whiskeys to date winning multiple awards for best in class and best in spirits at the Los Angeles spirits competition and more national contests in the USA.

Not even brands such as Jonnie walker red label or Johnny walker can compete with there small batch reserved rye whiskey.


Iowa Legendary Red Label Private Reserve takes a rye spirit’s to an unparalleled level by using our patented 1920s style stills. Then we place this rye spirit into an American white oak barrel that has been charred for a 2-year resting & aging process. This reserve red label rye is then transferred to a second charred American White Oak barrel and aged to perfection. This second barreling allows the rye spirit to mature an even deeper level of taste. Adding Fruit-heavy theme with hints of vanilla and caramel, creating a truly authentic prohibition-era rye spirit.


Carrie Miller
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Are you kidding me this is not your best bottle? This is good stuff. Now you have me curious.
John Underwood
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I am a pretty old guy at 98. But, my father used to drink a rye whiskey very similar to this. While I was growing up. Thank you for bringing back a memory sir.
Susan Martinez
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Love your Red Label Rye, Private Reserve. Bought ours in Vegas and cannot wait for you to distribute it in New York.