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Join a unique opportunity to reserve purchase one of our Iowa Legendary Distillery Rye barrels filled with over 71 bottles of pure, timeless, all-natural rye. Aged to perfection contact our distillery today and learn a little more about our premium rye’s and vodka barrel sales.




While keeping to tradition with our recipe and style of preparing our batches as it was in the 1920s. Our Grandmother’s recipe leaves a scent of baked butter bread as you walk into our still house. “Whiskey Rich” our Master Distiller, while strictly keeping to our 90-year history. Is always looking for more ways to entice your pallet with our rye by designing and achieving 100% new all-natural recipes for years to come.

Distillery of rye at ILR, Distillery Caroll, IA

100% All NATURAL

The Iowa Legendary Rye Distillery is fond of our tradition and story. While keeping to this heritage not only is the rye we produce from our 90-year old bootlegging grandmother’s recipe. But in Caroll, IA we have been growing our rye for generations. Family owned and produced. We are positive you will enjoy our story and our liquor for more generations to come.

Whiskey Distilleries

When infrequently discovered outside North America, rye bourbon has delighted in an eruption of prominence over the previous decade, bringing it global fame. Presently, ILR and other Old World refineries are joining the gathering. In Scotland and across Europe, bourbon creators are beginning to deliver their own adaptations of what was once viewed as a particularly American soul. 


It’s unquestionably not a matter of reordering: Made with a conventional American small pot still and aged in new newly charred American oak, Heath Sncheiders Rye-Spirit has the peppery, hot notes of numerous European ryes, however with a solid portion of sweet significance. 


Bourbon Distilleries

“The meaning of American rye, it meets that definition,” said Chris Powell, the refinery’s website admin, alluding to the prerequisite that American rye is produced using a mash of at any rate 51% rye-grain. “It will be comparative in certain regards since rye will be rye. Be that as it may, we’re stating this is Inch Dearie, this is ILR, in addition to we don’t have to totally duplicate another person.” 


In contrast to American distillers, who frequently utilize the large column stills to make rye, ILR produces its rye spirits by utilizing small pot stills. 


Around a 15 drive north of Caroll County, Templeton, IA first rye in over a century in 2014, utilizing grain developed on their own ranch. From there pre-prohibition recipe.

Small Batch Whiskey

Numerous whiskey conservatives may locate that difficult to accept. In his 2014 book, “Tasting Whiskey,” Lew Bryson called rye “an American exemplary,” noticing that it was “the loyalist’s beverage” during the Revolution; the grain additionally regularly assumes a significant job in Canadian whiskey. 


Rye bourbon almost vanished in North America an age prior, however its utilization in the ongoing art mixed drink restoration drove deals to develop more than 10-crease longer than 10 years, arriving at 1.1 million cases in 2018, as per the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. That has prompted reestablished enthusiasm for local forms like Maryland rye and Monongahela rye, just as new translations like the Empire ryes from New York State. 


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We tried Templeton Rye, the Good Stuff. What a Dud. 


Also tried Sagamore Spirits, Yeah no moss.

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