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Top 60 Whiskey Blogs in the World

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 Top 60 Whiskey Blogs in the World Today

Our very own #BeLegendary blog now ranks among “The Top 60 whiskey Blogs” of THE WORLD! From the U.S. to Japan, this list includes the best whiskey blogs the internet has to offer, and #BeLegendary currently stands at #24. 

Feedspot, the team that curated the list, is made up of experts who discover and rank popular blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels in various niche categories. To determine their list of top whiskey blogs, Feedspot’s editorial team reviewed different factors like relevance, blog post frequency, age of the blog, and social media standings. 

As a hub for all things rye, it’s evident why #BeLegendary ranks high among the world’s top whiskey blogs. Every week we feature new exciting posts that highlight what makes Iowa Legendary Rye different from the rest. 

#BE Legendary

Iowa Legendary Rye Distillery

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On #BeLegendary, you can stay up to date on the latest rye whiskey trends, learn how to order whiskey like a pro, and even take an inside look at what happens in an Iowa Legendary Rye distillery

From important news and updates to special contests and recipes, #BeLegendary is not only ABOUT our community, but it is also FOR our community. That’s why we continue to distill our Iowa Legendary Rye in the very community where it all started—Carroll County.

Our story began with a woman by the name of Lorine Sextro who lived on a family farm in Carroll County, Iowa during the prohibition era of the 1930s. 

Throughout her lifetime, Lorine Sextro grew from an average farm wife to the creator of the legendary recipe used for our rye whiskey. The story of this recipe’s creation proves that a tough situation can evolve into the most incredible (and delicious) of outcomes. 

Born in 1911, Lorine Sextro grew up in a time in which America was on the cusp of the greatest financial depression in its history. By the time she was eight years old, the government passed the 18th amendment, and the prohibition of alcohol in America began. All production and sales of alcoholic beverages were made illegal. This is the age that gave birth to Iowa Legendary Rye’s timeless recipe that we are so thrilled to have recognized by making the Top 60 Whiskey Blogs in the world.

After struggling through the “roaring” twenties, Lorine married Frank Sextro and the couple moved to Frank’s farm in rural Carroll County. Determined to struggle no longer, the family began housing a local bootlegger in the attic of their farmhouse. But this alone could not make Lorine into the fabled character we see her as today. She saw an opportunity and a passion in the bootlegging operation and was determined to be a part of it herself.

Intent on providing for her family no matter what the law said, Lorine Sextro began to learn everything she could about the distilling process from her resident bootlegger. She went on to distill her own spirits and even create her own recipe! And that recipe is the same exact protocol we follow for every batch of our rye whiskey that we still produce right here in Carroll County. 

Here at Iowa Legendary Rye, we have dedicated ourselves to maintaining continued perfection and quality (just like Lorine Sextro would have wanted). We are intent on using that same recipe that she devised nearly a decade ago. Our rye is made in 26 gallon stills. It is aged in 15 gallon barrels. We do not maintain this exact recipe and process because we need to worry about running from the law like the Sextros. Instead, we have perpetuated this tradition because we believe that there is something unbelievably essential in the continuation and preservation of the model of excellence that we were founded on.

Lorine Sextro began distilling spirits out of her love for her family and her will to support them, no matter the personal risk. Her work in the creation of our rye recipe was a labor of love. To this day, we maintain that same labor of love by remaining authentic to our roots. Not only are we family-owned and operated, but we also continue to grow our own rye in Carroll County so that we can guarantee that our rye will forever be 100% natural. 

We are so proud to have Grandma Sextro’s recipe immortalized in our bottles of rye whiskey and on our blog. We are even more ecstatic about that blog receiving a ranking of 24th in the list of Top Whiskey Blogs of the World.

We believe in our mission of distilling quality rye whiskey and upholding our legacy that began in an attic in rural Iowa. We believe that our story is legendary. Do you want to be a part of it? Grab a bottle of Iowa Legendary Rye and #BeLegendary.

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