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Willie Ray’s Brings Smiles to the Community Following the Storm

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Willie Farley, of Willie Ray’s Q Shack, is the definition of someone who brings smiles and a ray of light in dark times. Willie is a prime example of someone who values and contributes to his community. He started the restaurant because ribs are his “signature move” in terms of cooking. He saved up his own money from his previous delivery business and was able to start up the shack. 

A dangerous wind storm swept over Iowa in August. This storm ruined crops, farms, houses, and left a depressive haze over the state. Willie’s first thought wasn’t to worry about his own problems or complain about his losses. Willie drove into the storm and after cleaning up the rubbish at the restaurant, he took the leftover ribs he had in his freezer, got out his grill, cooked them, and the following day the community ate well. 

community - willie rays q shack

Taking Care of His Community – Smiles and BBQ!

While talking to Willie, you start to notice how genuinely kind he is. He didn’t boast about the acts he did, or say how much he helped everyone, but he saw people in need and did everything he could to put a smile on people’s faces. He’s a humble and down to Earth human that everyone should aspire to be. 

His acts of good don’t end there, the day we had spoken to him, he had just got back from handing out 30 free meals to a homeless shelter and had plans to go to another one in need the very next day. 

A Strong Community is a Strong Foundation

Community is everything to Willie and his business. He shared with us how important it is and how he feels that you can’t run a business without a community. Community is the thing that brings people together to have a sense of pride and importance in what they do. The actions he takes every day to assist the people around him further exemplify the value the community has to him. 

People like Willie are the motivation behind our mission here at Iowa Legendary Rye! We believe that our success and our #Legendary rye whiskey is largely due to the astounding resilience and support of our community. 

Community is Ingrained in the History of Iowa Legendary 

Our story began with one woman’s inspiration to provide for her most important community of all: her family. Thanks to Grandma Sextro’s entrepreneurial nature and her determination to support her family through the Great Depression, we have the timelessly delicious recipe for our rye whiskey that we have been using for nearly a century. Every batch of Sextro’s recipe was produced by the family with the intention of “Feeding their family and paying for their farm” says Rich Eggers, the creator of Iowa Legendary Rye. 

We believe that our most important asset is the community in which we operate. That is why we are so proud to label every bottle of our spirits with “Distilled from rye mash in Carroll County.” Our roots are in Iowa and that means that we are too. Iowa Legendary Rye is proud of its Iowan heritage and works to make sure that one day it is known around the world for being the home of the best rye whiskey on the market. 

Sustainable and Community Oriented Values Are Still Strong Today

Another key objective for Iowa Legendary Rye is this: sustainability. This is the reason that we source the rye for our rye mash from a nephew of Grandma Sextro. We are pretty big on keeping it in the family! The farm is located less than six miles from the distillery, ensuring that we are supporting our local farmers. And, as of last month, that farm is now 100% certifiably organic. We believe this is a key milestone in our mission of creating sustainable and locally-minded homemade spirits. 

Iowa Legendary Rye loves its community. And we make sure that we give back to these incredible individuals that make up that community. That is why we are so grateful to Willie and the astounding acts of service he has provided in the wake of the natural disaster that ravaged our area recently. Do you want to be a part of our community? Just grab a bottle of Iowa Legendary Rye and #BeLegendary!

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