Presidents and Assholes College Drinking Game

Presidents and Assholes College Drinking Game



  • Players: 4+Type: Competitive
  • Drink: Beer or your favorite light mixed cocktails.
  • Friends
  • Consumption: A lot


Asshole, similar to Kings Cup, is a drinking game that you will find being played globally. This, in large part, owes to its simplicity and the fun that can be had with the game rules, as well as its ability to help all players have a few beers!

While you might find other different players give it a different name and even have different rules, the principles of the game are mainly the same as what we have laid out in this post.

Some alternative names from around the world are President, Scum, Warlords, Butthead and Root Beer, amongst others. Rumour has it that this game was founded by four Australian students who were looking for a fun new drinking game. We could bore you with the full history, but let’s move on to the good stuff – The game itself!

Let’s Dive in! Asshole is a popular, but more complex and competitive turn-based card drinking game. Your position each round yields to an initial pre-game advantage (or disadvantage), and positions are won by getting rid of your cards the fastest.



All of the players spread out and sit around a surface where cards can be played. The dealer equally disperses the cards amongst the players. If you’ve already played around and players have positions, the card exchanges would take place before the first turn.


Turns: The President begins the game with the first turn, followed by the Vice President, then the middle of the pack people, and finally the Vice-Asshole and Asshole.

Playing Cards: Unless you’re playing the first card of the hand, any card played must be equal to or greater than the card played prior to it. If an equal card is played, then the next person in line’s turn is skipped this round. Aces are the highest non-special card, and 3s are the lowest (2 is a special card).

The hand ends whenever a full rotation of turns is complete, ending with the person who put down the last card. Following the end of a hand, the Asshole clears the pile, and whoever placed the final card on the previous hand begins this one.

When a new hand begins, if the person beginning the hand has a pair, triples, or quadruples of a card, they have the option of playing them all at once, and for the duration of this hand, only that specific pairing of cards can be played.

Special Cards: 2s are “special” in that a single 2 card clears the entire pile, and whoever dropped it begins the next hand. A single 2 can even clear a round of doubles, triples, or quadruples, but they can’t be played out of turn.

Positions: Positions are deciphered based on the order that players were able to play all their cards. First to finish is President’s next game, second is vice president, second-to-last is Vice-Asshole, and last is Asshole. Anyone in between will be a Normal Player, with no specific special rules.

Special Position Rules:


  • Before each game can request two cards of their choosing from the Asshole, in exchange for any two cards they decide to give them
  • Start the game off with the first turn
  • Can force any player to drink at any time for any reason
  • Can order the peasants to refill your drink when needed

The president gets to make a rule (my favorite is the one where you have to say “…in my vagina.” after you finish talking), and if someone forgets to honor the rule, they have to drink.


  • Before each game can request any card from the Vice-Asshole in exchange for a card of their choice
  • Goes second following the President
  • Can make anyone other than the President drink at any time

Normal People:

  • Turn is decided by the finishing order from the previous game
  • Can force each other and the Assholes to drink
  • As long as the Asshole has not picked up the cards and started dealing with the deck the president and those above you are in control and can make you drink.


  • Gives the Vice President a card of their choosing before each game
  • Turn is second to last
  • Can force the Asshole to drink


  • Gives the President two cards of their choosing before each game
  • Goes last in turn
  • Must refill anyone’s drink that needs one
  • Must deal the cards & clear the piles when a hand is over
  • As soon as the asshole touches his cards, everyone else is in charge of him because they have a higher rank.

The asshole is in charge of clearing the cards (when someone lays down a 2 or no one can play) and as soon as someone realizes the cards need to be cleared, they start counting until the asshole clears the cards, and the asshole has to take that many drinks. Anyone higher than you (they got rid of all their cards before you last round) can tell you to drink, but if you are above them in the next round, you can get your revenge.

Drinking Rules: Drink whenever the following happens:

  • When you pass
  • When you get skipped
  • when a 2 is played
  • Whenever someone ranking above you tells you to drink
  • Whenever the President calls a “Board Meeting” everyone waterfalls.

This sounds complicated, but really it’s not. Deal the entire deck. Whoever has the 3 of Clubs starts the first game. Continue going clockwise, each player laying down a card, or cards, higher than the one played before (Aces low). Doubles beat singles, triples beat doubles, and quads beat triples. You have to play if you can.

A two clears the pile and the person who lays down the two lays down another (preferably their lowest card).

Three’s reverse the order to counter-clockwise, then back if another 3 is laid down. If someone cannot play a card, they pass and take a drink. If no one can play on the last card (s) dealt, it clears and the person who no one could play on lays down another card, and you continue in order. The point is to be the first one to be out of cards because that makes you the president. The last person out of cards is the asshole, and you can fill in the ones between (vice, secretary of whatever, it’s up to you – be creative).

Extra Rules: When you begin a game of Asshole, you’re not allowed to leave, or really do virtually anything else of your choosing, unless you’re President. If a player is so dominant that they are President multiple games in a row, they can introduce any rule of their choosing.

Keep playing until everyone is too drunk to figure out if 7 beats a 5 and everybody wins!

As always, please remember to drink responsibly! This alcohol drinking game is not meant to lead to you becoming sick due to the over-consumption of alcohol. Need a sober ride? Save $5.00 by riding w/ Lyft! Or stay in & have drunk food delivered by Postmates (Get $100 free delivery fee credit using our link!) If you enjoyed it, please leave feedback in the comments & let us know how we can make it better!


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