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National Bartender Day

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There are few professions in the world that can be as fulfilling and rewarding as being a bartender. They have an opportunity to build relationships with customers, find new drinks for people to try, and make their bar feel like home. It is truly hard work, but it’s also fun! On December 3rd, we celebrate all of these wonderful bartenders by acknowledging what they do for us every day – National Bartender’s Day.


Here at Iowa Legendary Rye, bartenders are always in our minds. They are always so passionate about their craft of making and creating drinks that bring people together. Their passion and dedication are some of the reasons why we are so dedicated to our own craft. Creating our rye with pride and authenticity allows us to continue to provide these bartenders with the quality product they need to make the best tasting cocktails.

Our History

Our history with Iowa Legendary Rye and bartenders has many similarities. We both continued to serve our community all the way through the prohibition. Even though legally, alcohol wasn’t to be bought, served, or produced, bartenders continued to provide the people they cared about with new cocktails even though it had to be secret. Not to mention, this prohibition era actually included the invention of the gin and tonic recipe.

A Risky Start

Like the bartenders in the prohibition, that’s where Iowa Legendary Rye got its start. Lorine Sextro, the creator of our rye, started up her underground distillery during the prohibition in order to continue to serve her community. She risked everything she had in order to keep her business running for those around her.

A Shoutout

Now, we’d like to give a shoutout to someone very important to Iowa Legendary Rye. His name is Tyler Mortenson. Tyler is the person who creates most of the Iowa Legendary Rye cocktails that you know and loves. He has a real passion for mixing cocktails that everyone can enjoy. His passion and dedication inspire us here at ILR.


Tyler is someone who appreciates authenticity and honesty. He is someone who believes in what he is doing and makes sure everything he does is true to himself. We admire Tyler for his values and stick to those same ones every day. Everything we do here at Iowa Legendary Rye is authentic and true.


Go out and thank the local bartender. Tell them how much you appreciate them and maybe even gift them with a bottle of delicious and fresh rye from Iowa Legendary Rye. We admire bartenders for their passion and love for the community. Here at Iowa Legendary Rye, the community is everything to us.

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