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Card Drinking Games
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5 IN 1 


What’s Needed:

  • At least two people are needed.
  • Beer is a popular beverage.
  • A set of cards.

Detailed game instructions:
If you’ve mastered the game, you’ll be able to teach it to others while you’re playing.

  1. Every player should be questioned. Red or black? In front of them, turn the card over. If they are right, indicate the card’s worth (2-14, ace) If they’re wrong, drink the card’s worth.
  2. After it has gone around once more, pose the next question. Is it better to go higher or lower? Send the card’s value to the right. Wrong-Drink Card Worth
  3. The following question is: Is it better to stay or go? In the middle of the two cards or on the outside of the two cards. Send the card’s value to the right. Wrong-Drink Card Worth
  4. Last but not least, what is the suit? Offer DOUBLE the value of the card to the right. Wrong-Drink the Cards Worth.
  5. Set up two rows of cards, one on the giving side and the other on the take side, as if you were playing up and down the river. The first two, give and take, are each worth four seconds. Then go up to 8, 10, 12, or as far as you can. Then place two cards above all of the lines. The first is an offer (half a beer), and the second is take (full beer) CHEERS!!!

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