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How to Shake Or Stir Your Cocktail

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How to Prepare your Drink by Stirring

Ever watch James Bond? The guy loves his martinis! He doesn’t care how they are made, shaken, or stirred- he just wants them. But the differences between shaking and stirring are not always clear to everyone. Let’s break down the difference so you can make a better decision when it comes time to order your next drink. With how to prepare your drink by stirring.

Shaking your Cocktail

Shaking is more involved than stirring because it requires a shaker, ice, and mixing ingredients like sugar syrup or fruit juice. Stirring is much simpler: all you need is a glass and some sort of mixing rod (like a spoon).
But, even though the line is a movie classic, do you really know what the difference is between the two mixing techniques?

Shaking a drink’s ingredients to thoroughly mix them requires the use of a shaker, a separate strainer if the shaker doesn’t come equipped with one, ice, and the ingredients.

Stirring Your Drink

Stirring is a much easier way to mix a drink. No special equipment is required, other than a glass, a spoon, or a mixing rod, in addition to the ingredients and, on occasion, ice. It may be the second oldest technique used when making drinks, but it is once again making a comeback in popularity.

Stirring a drink is an art form. The motion of the spoon, the way that it interacts with the liquid, and how often it hits against the glass are all important aspects to consider when stirring your favorite cocktail. It is important to find a stirrer that works for you and your style. For instance, some people may like using a long-handled bar spoon while others prefer shorter ones. What kind of drink do you enjoy?

Many prefer to stir their drinks without adding ice to ensure that the ingredients do not become diluted. In this instance, the ingredients are mixed first in one glass and then poured over ice in another glass to chill the drink. However, some people enjoy stirring a drink together with ice, and can easily do so without fear of diluting the drink.

Let there be Ice

There are a few different ways to stir your cocktail, but no matter which method you choose, it is important that the drink be chilled. You can have one of two types of ice in your glass: cubes or crushed. Cubes will not melt as easily and will effectively chill the drink before releasing too much water into the ingredients. Crushed ice melts rather quickly and can easily dilute the drink. It’s best to use ice cubes when stirring drinks that contain alcohol so they don’t turn into watered-down beverages by melting into them during their long wait for consumption!



Stirring your cocktail is a key component to making the perfect drink every time. There are several methods of stirring, but one that has been used for centuries is the “English” method. The best way to stir a drink with this technique is by using a mixing glass and rotating the bar spoon in a clockwise motion 6-8 times before pouring it into a chilled glass or adding ice. This will ensure that all ingredients are thoroughly mixed together and create the perfect concoction!

Should you prefer to stir with ice, add the ingredients to a mixing glass that has been filled 3/4 of the way with ice. Use the spoon, straw, or mixing rod to stir the drink as you would if the glass did not contain ice.

Once the drink has been properly stirred and chilled, it can be strained into a chilled glass or a glass filled with fresh ice. Add your garnish of choice, and you’re good to go!

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