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It’s Small Business Saturday!

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Small Business Saturday may come around once a year, but there isn’t a day that goes by when the small business hustle stops. Year round, small businesses in our local communities open up shop to serve the people nearest and dearest to us. Whether it’s a coffee shop or boutique, small businesses are at the heart of all of our communities.  

As impressive as large corporations may be, there is something undeniably special about small businesses that make them so important. It’s because the people who run them aren’t random people whose names we find on the internet. Behind the scenes of all local businesses are our moms, dads and neighbors. They serve and support our communities in more ways than one. 

Being a small business based in Carroll County, we, at Iowa Legendary Rye, know exactly how vital our community is. From the farmers who grow our rye to the distillers who craft our bottles, we owe everything to the people in Carroll County. Because of them, we are able to make the legendary rye we know and love.

This past year has been unlike any other. Saying “it’s been rough” would definitely be an understatement. Because of the current pandemic, countless small businesses across the country have been struggling to keep their doors open. That’s why when you shop this holiday season, make sure to keep small businesses like ours in mind. 

When you support small businesses, you aren’t stuffing the wallet of some famous billionaire. Instead, you’re helping honest, hard-working people pay their mortgage or buy dinner for their family. Deciding to shop small can make all the difference. 

Next time you need your daily dose of caffeine, why not stop by your neighborhood coffee shop? If you’re on the hunt for a family puppy, why not check out some local pet shelters? There are so many ways that you can help out communities like Carroll County.

As you start gathering around loved ones in the coming weeks, don’t forget to shop small and grab a bottle of our 100% natural rye for yourself or as a gift. Whether it’s something clean like our White Label or something rounded like our Purple Patriot Label, we promise that no matter which one you drink, nothing will hit the spot more than our legendary rye. 

To warm up with a special bottle of Iowa Legendary Rye this holiday season, be sure to stop by your local liquor store or shop online today. From our family to yours, happy holidays!

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