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Drink Measurements

Drink measurements of cocktails
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Bar Measurements

Drink measurements in the bar and how to decipher what? Most mixed drink recipes in our database use ozs as the measurement of their base. I use ounces as the estimation for the beverage plans. Sadly, numerous individuals are not used to utilizing this sort of estimation. I have made several outlines and a unit converter to assist you with the transformations.


At whatever point I state, “Splash” I mean a limited liquid quantity. This modest quantity could be utilized to shading or blending a beverage or to include a smidgen of taste to the beverage. If it’s not too much trouble utilize your judgment on this one.


At whatever point I state, “Dash” I mean a modest quantity (littler than a splash). It could be a couple of drops like 5 or 6 drops.


“Float” I mean a layer. It is a limited quantity that goes on the head of the blended beverage. Kindly utilize your judgment.


“Part” signifies any sum you need. It could be 1 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 2 ounces, 1 cup, or some other sum you need. Everything relies upon how large you need your beverage to be.

Common Terms and Their Metric Equivalents





You May Use

1/4 oz

1/4 oz

7.39 ml

7.5 ml

1/2 oz

1/2 oz

14.79 ml

15 ml

3/4 oz

3/4 oz

22.18 ml

22.5 ml

1 oz

1 oz

29.57 ml

30 ml

1 1/4 oz

1 1/4 oz

36.97 ml

37.5 ml

1 1/2 oz

1 1/2 oz

44.36 ml

45 ml

1 3/4 oz

1 3/4 oz

51.75 ml

52.5 ml

2 oz

2 oz

59.15 ml

60 ml


1/32 oz

0.92 ml

1 ml

Teaspoon (tsp)

1/8 oz

3.7 ml

3.75 ml

Tablespoon (Tbsp)

3/8 oz

11.09 ml

11.25 ml


1 oz

29.57 ml

30 ml


1 1/2 oz

44.36 ml

45 ml


8 oz

236.59 ml

240 ml

US Pint (pt)

16 oz

473.18 ml

480 ml

US Quart (qt)

32 oz

946.35 ml

960 ml

US Gallon (gal)

128 oz

3,785.41 ml

3.84 L

Note: “oz” stands for fluid

ounces (US), “ml” stands

for milliliters and “L” stands

for liters.





Tablespoon (Tbsp)

3 Teaspoons


21 1/3 Tablespoons

Pint (pt)

2 Cups, 1/2 Quart, 1/8 Gallon

Quart (qt)

4 Cups, 2 Pints, 1/4 Gallon

Gallon (gal)

16 Cups, 8 Pints, 4 Quarts


1000 ml, 100 cl, 10 dl

Milliliter (ml)

0.001 Liters

Centiliter (cl)

0.01 Liters

Deciliter (dl)

0.1 Liters

Some drinks just take eyeballing or flavor it is the judgment of your taste and your flavoring to come up with your own drink recipes. We hope the above charts are of help and as always Drink Responsively.

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