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Barback Duties for Bartenders

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Barback Duties

A barback is a bartenders’ assistant. They work behind the bar next to the bartenders. Many of their duties are similar to the bartenders’ duties.

Please Note: Barback duties are different for every establishment. Some establishments don’t have barbacks at all.

Setting Up The Bar

  1. Get ice for all the wells. This is the first thing that should be done. Without ice, mixed drinks can’t be made.
  2. Prepare fruit trays. Garnishes are important for drinks. Make sure there are some backups.
  3. Restock the bar with beer, liquor, wine, glassware, juices, etc. Make sure that everything is at the bar and that there are enough backups for the shift. Note: Always rotate the products.
  4. Check the draught beers to make sure they’re working and that they’re not empty. If they’re empty, change the kegs. Note: Do not lift a keg by yourself. Always get somebody to help you and always lift with your legs and not with your back.
  5. Get trash cans and towels.
  6. Make sure that the bar is clean before opening it.

Work Flow

  1. Collect empty glasses from the bar.
  2. Wash glassware. When washing glassware, use warm soapy water to wash, clean water to rinse, and cold sanitizer to sanitize the glassware.
  3. Wipe the bar top constantly.
  4. Restock anything at the bar.
  5. Help the bartender on anything that he/she needs.

Closing Duties

  1. Wash all the glassware.
  2. Restock beer, liquor, etc.
  3. Clean the bar.
  4. Place dirty towels in their appropriate location.
  5. Get rid of the trash and boxes.
  6. Make sure that the beer cooler is clean and organized.
  7. Always “Close to Open.” This means to leave everything ready for the next day.

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