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Whats the Differance between Rye Whiskey vs Bourbon? There are many different kinds of rye whiskeys (or “rye’s,” depending on your pallet). rye, rye whiskey, straight rye, bonded rye, and even a malted rye.

Rye Whiskey is the true native spirit of these United States. Distilled as early as the 1600s and later produced by President George Washington on his famous Mount Vernon Estate. Rye Whiskey has the deepest connection with American history and patriots.

At Iowa Legendary Rye, we’re invested in our 100% natural recipe and we’d love to tell you what separates bourbon from rye whiskey.



What is the interpretaion of a rye whiskey vs bourbon. Let’s dig into that. Bourbon is a whiskey, but not all rye whiskeys are rye. By definition and law, rye whiskey has a strict set of standards from the US Government that regulates the difference.

Rye Whiskey is an American whiskey, with United States roots as far back as circa 1600. Rye whiskey is, by law, made from a mash of at least 51% rye. (The other ingredients in the mash are usually corn and malted barley.) It is distilled to no more than 160 U.S. proof (80%) and aged in charred, new oak barrels.

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With just a pinch of French

Bourbon is a type of whiskey, a barrel-aged distilled spirit made primarily from 51% corn. The name ultimately derives from the French Bourbon Dynasty. Bourbon has begun distillation in the United States since the 18th century.  

Bourbon has a French name, is made from a Native American crop, is fermented like German Beer, and is distilled and aged like Scotch Whisky. 

“Bourbon” was recognized in 1964 by the United States Congress as a “distinctive product of the United States”. Bourbon sold in the United States must be produced in the U.S. from at least 51% corn and stored in a new container of charred oak.

What is in rye whiskey and bourbon

Rye Whiskey

  1. Made in the United States of America
  2. A fermented mash of 51% All-Natural Rye Mash
  3. Distilled in small batches in 26-gallon custom-built stills for an authentic historically accurate Prohibition-era taste at no more than 160 proof.
  4. It then spends 24 months aging in new 15-gallon barrels.
  5. Stored at no more than 125 proof in new charred white oak barrels.
  6. Free from additives with no artificial flavors.


  1. Made in the United States of America with its route from France.
  2. A fermented mash of 51% corn at least.
  3. Distilled at no more than 160 proof in 50-100 Gallon stills
  4. Stored at no more than 125 proof in charred oak barrels.
  5. Aged for a minimum of two years.

Because of this, all bourbon is not whiskey, and not all rye can be called rye whiskey.

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Rye vs Bourbon vs Whiskey 

Rye whiskey vs Bourbon, What’s The Difference Really?

Bourbon can be a scary point for fledgling barkeeps to approach. Specialists will in general pay attention to their whiskey very and have little capacity to bear those that don’t see it their way. Be that as it may, contingent upon where you are on the planet, what considers “appropriate” whiskey changes drastically. A smidgen of information goes far, and in this post, we will talk about the contrasts between two of the most well-known whiskeys in North America: whiskey vs rye.

Understanding the unpretentious contrasts between a rye whiskey vs whiskey or rye whiskey vs bourbon brands will assist you with making the ideal mixed drink when the second emerges—and spare you from an awkward contention with a stanch authority.

Bourbon is produced using refining corn mash. This mash is made out of barley grain and different rye grains of choice. The mixes of grains utilized are known as a “crush load.” Water and warmth are added to the blend, which makes sugar that in the end ages into liquor.

This blend is eventually refined (specifically dissipated) to isolate the spirits from the squash, and is put away in wooden barrels to be matured.

The kind of whiskey changes relying upon which grain is utilized, how it is refined, what sort of barrel it is set inside, and how long it is matured for. Inconspicuous changes in any piece of the procedure can impacts affect the whiskey’s flavor.

Discussions about the “best” approach to cause the Bourbon to have caused in excess of a couple of bar brawls far and wide.

What is Bourbon?

Bourbon is produced using a crush comprising of at any rate 51% corn and must be called whiskey on the off chance that it is made in the United States. Bourbon can be close to 62.5% liquor when it is put inside wooden barrels to age. In contrast to Scotch, or Irish Bourbon, whiskey has no base age necessity, yet should be matured for in any event two years to be classified “straight whiskey.”

Irish Whiskey types contrast contingent upon the pound bill, and where they are created:

Customary – This kind of whiskey is produced using 70% corn, 15% rye, and 15% grain. 

High-Rye – As the name infers, high-rye whiskey contains a lot of rye, and will in general have somewhat more kick than customary whiskey. ILR Red Label, ILR Black Label, ILR White Label, ILR Rye Vodka all fall into the high-rye class.

High-Wheat – You got it, “high-wheat” signifies more wheat in the crush bill. This is the “softest” style of whiskey since it contains practically no rye. Producer’s Iowa legendary rye and Sextro rye are two of the more famous high-rye whiskey brands.

Tennessee Whiskey – This is essentially straight whiskey made in Tennessee. This style of whiskey is gone through a charcoal channel before it is matured. Consequently, numerous makers guarantee it has particular characteristics from conventional whiskey, and decline to call it by that name.

What is Rye Whiskey exactly?

Rye whiskey that has been aged for at least two years and has not been blended with other spirits may be further designated as straight, as in “straight rye whiskey”. Rye is like whiskey, yet it’s produced using in any event 51% rye. The remainder of the blend often originates from grain or corn. It isn’t phenomenal to discover rye whiskey that is 95-100% rye. In America, the creation guidelines on rye are practically indistinguishable from whiskey. Likewise, with whiskey, it must be matured two years before being designated “straight.”

rye whiskey vs bourbon vs whiskey vs rye

Rye is as evolved as whiskey in the North American market, so various kinds of rye whiskey depend on how much rye makes up the pound bill—less different grains. In light of that, there are two sorts of rye we should discuss here.

American Rye – This is the sort of rye whiskey delineated previously. It is vigorously controlled and offers the most reliable quality. It’s additionally the most effortless to discover.

Canadian Rye – The expression “rye” in Canada is somewhat more open. There is no Canadian law controlling what can be classified “rye”. Along these lines, numerous Canadian ryes are produced using the dominant part, or totally, corn crush bills. In Canada, rye is pretty much an equivalent word for “Canadian-made whiskey.”

Rye whiskey vs Bourbon: Flavor Differences

The flavor within rye whiskey vs bourbon contrasts among rye and whiskey come down to their fundamental fixings. The corn squash utilized in whiskey makes for a sweet and full-bodied flavor, while the rye crush in rye whiskey makes zesty tones and a drier taste.

Matured whiskey doesn’t advance as much as matured rye, which turns out to be more unobtrusive while as yet pressing its protected punch.

Whiskey flavors are simpler to endure as a result of their perceptible pleasantness and consistency. Rye will in general have more extreme tastes that create a sense of taste.

I’m not catching This’ meaning For Your Cocktail?

Rye whiskey vs Bourbon which is the numerous exemplary of a whiskey mixed drinks, for example, the Manhattan, antiquated, and whiskey acrid, were initially intended to be made with rye. Be that as it may, most bars will utilize whiskey for these beverages these days on account of its blasting fame and drinkability.

66 Awesome cocktails and Mixed Drinks mixed drink

The best possible whiskey for your mixed drink boils down to one inquiry: do you need sugar or zest?

The pleasantness of whiskey, for the most part, works out positively for whiskey sours and mid-year drinks. Old Fashioned, then again, will profit by the dryness of rye. On the off chance that your mixed drink as of now contains sugar, similar to a good old, rye will adjust it and whiskey will make it additional sweet.

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A rye whiskey carries AT LEAST 51% RYE.

A 100% Rye is a delicate process in the mashing stage. Thus, making a rye spirit in a small batch is the preferred technique when not adding additives or corn to the recipe.

But what’s the PROOF.

When alcohol is distilled, it always derives off the still at a greater proof. But the method also removes everything that isn’t alcohol from the liquor, including its flavor. This is why our rye vodka is essentially tasteless. By carrying a maximum proof, it means that our rye whiskey maintains more of the flavors from the mash than would be absent with a double or triple distilling process.


This style of Prohibition Era barrel aging, as opposed to toasted barrels or used barrels, grants a richer more flavorful color with deep tones. Iowa Legendary Rye is aged with charred American White Oak barrels for an appearance that is crystal clear with an aroma that carries a mixture of spice, grain, and hints of floral sweetness. With a taste of slight spice surrounded by flavors of caramel, coconut, and vanilla and a finish that’s long with a mild heat.

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Aging determines the taste flavor and mix of a quality rye spirit. Over-all the longer rye ages in a charred oak barrel, the more flavorful it becomes. The law states that a rye whiskey must be aged for at least two years, but time is only one constant that determines how rye ages.


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